RCU Windows Install Step by Step

Repository Creation Utility (RCU)

Install only items required for OBIEE 11g install

Having trouble installing?

Don’t use a directory path that includes a space. For example, “desktop” is under “C:\Documents and Settings” and will cause an error when you run rcu.bat.

Need hostname, port, service, and sys password from DB install recipe
Note schema prefix (“DEV_”)
Note schema passwords


1. Navigate to rcuHome/BIN/ and execute rcu.bat

2. The 11g installer welcome message screen will appear, click next

3. Select “create”, click next.

RCU Win Install Screen 2

4. Database Connection Details screen, enter information from DB11gr2 install recipe
    -Host name from DB install
    – Port 1521
    – Service name from DB install
    – username sys
    – syspassword from DB install

RCU Win Install Screen 03B
    Click Next

5. The “Checking Global Prerequisites” window appears, when it completes, click ok

RCU Win Install Screen 06

6. Select components, click the “Oracle Business Intelligence” box. This will add only the Metadata services piece of “AS Common Schemas”, click next

RCU Win Install Screen 07

7. Another validation window appears, click ok (RCU-08)

RCU Win Install Screen 08

8. Schema Password, Select “use the same passwords for all schemas”, enter a password (Note it on worksheet), click next

RCU Win Install Screen 09B

9. Map Tablespaces, accept defaults, click next
RCU Win Install Screen 10

Click ok in warning box

RCU Win Install Screen 11

10. Creating Tablespace, when the tablespace creation is complete click ok.

RCU Win Install Screen 12

11. Summary, review the summary and then click create.

RCU Win Install Screen 13

12. Repository Creation completes, click close.

RCU Win Install Screen 14

Next Steps
Install OBIEE 11g

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OBIEE 11g now available for download in OTN!

It looks like the OBIEE Professionals group on linkedin is the first to break the news that OBIEE 11g is available for download on OTN. Thank you to Waseem Sadiq for that. Personally the news made my Friday night, perhaps I shouldn’t be sharing that.. at any rate its come a long way since the last beta update I a had, I’m glad everyone now has access.

Here is the link:


The Post to the group:
LinkedIn Groups
Group: OBIEE Professionals Group
Subject: Announcement from OBIEE Professionals Group – OBIEE 11g is released and available for download !!!!

OBIEE Professionals Group is thrilled to announce that OBIEE 11g is released and available for download. OBIEE 11g is a major release and includes BI Publisher 11g, Oracle Real Time Decisions (RTD) 11g, and new features Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management. According to Oracle, Oracle BI 11g is the most significant BI technology release in Oracle’s history and introduces 150+ major features in OBIEE 11g.
Some of the major features include:

  • Most Complete. Most Integrated. Oracle BI offers the greatest range of BI capabilities all on an architecturally unified technology foundation.
  • New interactive visualizations, including geo-spatial mapping, new charting, new dashboard interactivity, and strategy visualizations.
  • Unification of ROLAP and MOLAP. A consistent user experience that spans relational and multidimensional data.
  • Tighter integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle applications.
  • An innovative Action Framework, which allows BI insights to be directly translated into business improving actions.
  • A new integrated Scorecard and Strategy Management module, to allow organizations to map strategies to objectives and to track performance via real-time Key Performance Indicators.
  • Enterprise class systems management, relying on Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Please refer to Oracle OBIEE 11g launch Microsite for additional information on features and download links at: http://www.oracle.com/oms/businessintelligence11g/index.html

OBIEE 11g is hot and is going to be a game changer in the BI market space. Please share your experience with OBIEE 11g at the largest OBIEE Professionals Site here at Linkedin.

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ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010


I’ve just gotten back from a month at a client in Finland and I’m here at ODTUG in DC. It was surprisingly hard to resist posting about how its daylight almost all the time there this time of year. It must the lack of sleep.

Perhaps it was from being out of the country too but I thought I would give the train from NYC to DC a try. The train down was a bit on the rough side, I’ll try the Amtrak Acela on the way back.

The much anticipated general release of OBI 11g remains just out of reach and the topic of much conversation. Hopefully we’ll get more clarity around that from the Oracle presentations on OBI.

I won’t be presenting solo at the conference but I will be participating as a member of the BI Panel on Wednesday at 11am in Washington 3. The panel will be chaired my Mark Rittman.

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