Oracle Open World 2010 Day 2

With the recent release of the OBI 11g product the Oracle team responsible for the product has a strong presence here this week. They are available one on one in the Oracle Demo Grounds in Moscone west and they have a number of presentations. Today I attended Bob Ertl’s (S317863), he included a list presentations which I share below. The OBI team is in the back right corner of Moscone and you’ll also find the OWB pod further to the right and heading toward the front of the hall a bit.


I’m a big fan of Bob and his presentations, I recommend you attend any you can and take advantage of the opportunity to speak with him in the Demo Grounds. His areas of the OBI suite include the administrative tool, the repository and the related documentation. Bob also presented a very valuable session at ODTUG in DC this year. There was a great deal of interest in his detailed knowledge of the subtleties of the implementation of the repository and cheerly stayed on stage to explain additional topics for nearly an hour extra. This was possible since it was an end of the day session. The list of sessions includes a number on Thursday presented or co-presented by Bob.

S317873 Scorecard & Strategy Management
S317860 Essbase
S317862 BI EE Answers
S318290 Exadata + BI EE Solutions
S317927 Enterprise BI
S317995 Essbase + BI Apps Integration
S317925 Actionable BI
S317929 Upgrade from 10g
S317934 BI Publisher
S317869 Hierarchy Modeling
S317875 New Sample Application

There has been a lot of talk at Open World and in the press regarding having the JavaOne conference and Open World combined. As it happens I have a pass for both. There are some unfortunate logistical issues around trying to attend both sets of sessions. Some of them are likely temporary. For example the JavaOne sessions are focused around the Hilton Union square and Its difficult to commute between there and Moscone quickly enough and the session start and end times are scheduled in such a way that they do not line up. In my opinion the whole will definitely be more than the sum of the parts and I look forward to a more seem less integration of the conference in 2011. It is also good to have more of a mix at the conference and the Java half pipe doesn’t hurt either.


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