Oracle Open World 2010 Day 0 & 1

I’ve been in San Francisco in advance of Open World and it is just amazing how much they change the city and how quickly they manage to do it. Putting up just this much of the “O” up would probably take me 3 days.


I was able to meet up with Dan Norris (Exaguy) and Oracle Nerd (Chet Justice). I had just finished explaining my long theory for why the Iron Man 2 tie in would have something to do with at least one of the keynotes. I tried get to Chet to put a poll on his website asking if Larry would share the stage with suits, etc. Dan was not at all supportive of my theory. Of course that should have been an even bigger clue. You can all the Iron Man suits in the picture with the Exalogic Larry announced in the keynote.

photo-3.JPG photo-2.JPG

Sunday was also the Quest BI SIG panel Discussion in Moscone West. The board was represented by Steve Whitton, Adam Crigger and myself. Attendance was light but the discussion was good and I got to present the short version of my “Oracle BI on a Budget” presentation and moderate the panel discussion.

Now would be a great time to going into all the Exalogic details but I’m late for the event in the Howard Street tent. Exalogic really deserves its own post.

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