OBIEE Windows 32bit Simple Install Step by Step


Windows 2008 32bit Simple Install OBIEE 11g


A database with Fusion Middleware Repository information see RCU Installs

Remember password for Oracle Weblogic installation

Select installation directory


1. Download media

2. unzip to working directory

3. Navigate to and run setup

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 01

Installer Screen Step 1, click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 02

Installer Screen Step 2, select simple install, click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 03

Installer Screen Step 3, check should be successful (requires 2gb ram), click next to proceed

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 04

Installer Screen Step 4, Select install location (avoid c:\),click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 06

Installer Screen Step 5, enter password for weblogic, click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 07

Installer Screen Step 6, Select products to install, go with all, click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 08

Installer Screen Step 7, Enter the connection and schema information from the RCU recipe. Here I have used sample connection information from a JD Edwards BI instance I’ve been working on. click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 09B

Installer Screen Step 8 , Security updates, opt out of security updates, click next

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 10

It is good to see Oracle continuing to take security seriously and so should we if this is more than a temporary install. Click yes to mildly insulting warning dialog box

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 11

Installer Screen Step 9, review installation summary click install to proceed.

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 12

Install proceeds

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 13C

Installer Screen Step 11, configuration process proceeds. If you get an error here it is likely a resource issue like not enough memory.

obiee11r1 simple win32 - 14

Installer completes, you’ll be presented with a list of products installed and the URLs to use to connect. Make a note of the URLs if you are unfamiliar, they are in some cases different than the URLs for OBI 10g.


obiee11r1 simple win32 - 15

 obiee11r1 simple win32 - 15B

Test your install by going to the URL for:

OBI – :9704/analytics">http://<your_host>:9704/analytics


Enterprise Manager – :7001/em">http://<your_host>:7001/em


Weblogic – :7001/console">http://<your_host>:7001/console


For all three in this case for the simple install the username is weblogic and the password is the one you selected in installation screen step 5.

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